Healthcare and Medical Professionals:

Bangalore is being considered as a heath care hub or the medical hub with growing number of Private Hospitals/Health care centersemerging every other day. Undoubtedly, the number of qualified medical professionals and specialists India is offering to the world is on par with the International Standards, which also reflects in rising medical tourism which is bringing in patients from across the country and around the world to Bangalore

At the same time, the instances of medico-legal cases and medical negligence cases such as- unwanted surgeries, escalating costs, serious negligence during surgeries have brought into question the ethical standards of the medical industry and legal implications of it.

In J.K.Legal, we have advised medical centers, health care professionals on the precautions to be taken and avoiding legal disputes and represented the medical professionals before- Medical Councils and Consumer Forums. At the same time, we have also effectively guided and fought for the patients who have suffered from negligence caused by the medical professionals. Our experience in working in the field has made us well-equipped with the laws concerning this area of legal practice and has helped us to efficiently guide our clients.

Divorse and Marital Conflicts:

The divorse rates in the country have seen a tremendous growth. The cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are witnessing thousands of divorse related cases every year. The new age issues concerning the marital conflicts require special attention and new approach and methods to resolve and find a solution to it. The issues surrounding marriages may include- Dowry Harassment, Domestic Violence, Child custody, Extra-marital affairs, Live-in relationships, Maintenance and Settlements.

In J.K.Legal our main aim is to find a permanent solution to the existing issue and early resolution of disputes. We are inclined to provide personal attention to eachof our client while taking into consideration their peculiar circumstances and needs.

Dispute Resolution:

The pile up of cases in the Indian Courts and uncertain time frames for disposal of cases were the main reasons for the evolution of alternative methods of dispute resolution. Some of the ways in which the parties may choose to resolve disputes- whether already pending before the Courts or where there is a possibility of a conflict that may result in a legal dispute are- Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and neutral evaluation.

We are qualified to handle any such Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) issues and have also been associated with organizations and institutions which have gained international recognition.

Anti-Corruption Laws:

Recent changes in the laws relating to Corruption and the massive efforts to rid corruption have seen stringent laws being passed. However, legal professionals who have extensively handled such work and represented clients before Courts, Departmental Enquiries which have been initiated against the public servants have always been a handful.

In J.K.Legal we have the experience in handling the matters concerning corruption before various courts and departmental enquiries and have provided our valuable services.

Real Estate and Property:

Investing in property is still considered to be the best investment anyone can make. Major cities in India have expanded rapidly and grown to meet the unending demands of the people to buy lands, residential and commercial spaces and develop their properties.

This area of law requires the expertise to check and scrutinize the tile of the property to handling complex litigation which arises due to the disputes created over the lands/properties in question. We have an able team who have advised Real Estate developers and also individual purchasers and who have routinely handled litigation which arises in the Courts.

Consumer laws:

The growth in the economy and international character of many business practices have contributed to the development and emphasis on consumer rights protection and promotion. All businesses which are selling goods, manufacturers, service providers come under the ambit of Consumer protection laws when they are exploiting the commercial markets.

Increasing awareness of consumers and pro-consumer laws has resulted in the number of consumer cases being filed. Many services such as banking services, services offered by medical professionals, land developers/builders, insurance providers can be sued for deficiency in the services.

In J.K Legal, we regularly appear before the Consumer Forums and have gained sufficient expertise and skills to serve our clients.

Criminal law:

This area of law could include a case of cheque bouncing to more serious issues of child sexual abuse, cruelty to the spouse, harassment- workplace or within the confines of a house.

In J.K.Legal we have the experience of being trained under the most experienced and respected legal experts in the field and we have the acumen and the proficiency to deliver when the client requires us the most.

We have appeared both as the defence counsels and fought for the rights of our clients and at the same time have the distinction of providing our services to the victims in criminal cases by assisting the prosecution and helping our clients.